Business Law

Our Business Law practice provides general and specialized corporate advice to our clients. This entails performing full-service work in contractual matters, transformation processes, entity formation (of all type of entities), shareholders disputes, , and the preparation, review and analysis of documents related to every legal aspect, among many other operations.

Particularly, as part of our tasks in this field, we advise our clients in their day-to-day operations; in venture capital transactions, including financing rounds; in mergers, split-offs, transformations and other corporate restructuring operations; in tender processes for companies or assets; and in negotiations between partners, among other issues. Additionally, we also assist our clients in processes for the acquisition of companies or assets, preparing the strategies to finalize these transactions, and negotiating and drafting the preliminary agreements of such operations, the final purchase agreements and all other ancillary instruments, along with acting as counsel in the process to obtain the approvals from the relevant regulatory entities.

Partner in Charge

Gustavo Donoso

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